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    Nitrogen system uses


    Oil and gas industry-specific nitrogen machine suitable for oil and gas exploration continental , coastal and deep-sea oil and gas exploration in the nitrogen protection , transportation, covering , replacement, rescue , repair, nitrogen injection oil and other fields. High security, adaptability , continuity of production to be characterized .
    Chemical industry-specific nitrogen machine used in petrochemical , coal chemical, salt chemical industry, natural gas chemical industry , fine chemicals, new materials, and an extension of chemical products processing industry, mainly for covering nitrogen purge , replacement, cleaning, pressure conveying chemical reactions agitation , chemical fiber production protection, nitrogen protection and other fields.
    Metallurgical industry-specific system of nitrogen machine is suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing , heat protection , the field of powder metallurgy , copper aluminum processing, magnetic sintering, precious metals processing , bearing production. With high purity, continuous production, part of the process requires a certain amount of hydrogen with nitrogen to increase the brightness and other characteristics.
    Coal industry-specific nitrogen machine for coal mining in fire prevention , gas and gas dilution and other fields, with the ground fixed, ground mobile, mobile underground in three sizes , and fully meet the nitrogen needs of different conditions .
    Rubber tire industry-specific nitrogen machine for the production of rubber and tire vulcanization process nitrogen protection , molding and other fields. Especially in the all-steel radial tire production, nitrogen sulfide new technology has been gradually replaced by steam curing process . With high purity nitrogen , continuous production, high nitrogen pressure and so on.
    Food industry-specific nitrogen machine for green food storage, food packaging nitrogen , fresh vegetables , wine closures ( canned) , and so be saved.
    Ex- nitrogen machine for chemical, oil and gas equipment explosion-proof requirements of the place.
    Pharmaceutical industry-specific nitrogen machine is mainly used for drug production , storage, packaging , packaging to be in the field .
    Nitrogen electronics industry-specific areas suitable for the production of semiconductor packages , electronic components production , LED, LCD liquid crystal display , a lithium battery production. Nitrogen has a high purity , small size, low noise, low energy consumption .
    Nitrogen Container suitable for oil, gas , chemical and other related fields , that is characterized by adaptability , mobile operations and so on.
    Nitrogen -vehicle mobile vehicle suitable for exploitation of oil and gas industry , pipeline purging , replacement, emergency rescue , flammable gas , liquid dilution and other fields, divided into low, medium , high pressure series, with mobile, mobile operations, and other features .
    Red car tires nitrogen nitrogen machine , mainly for auto 4S shops , car repair plant red car tires nitrogen , extend tire life , reduce noise and fuel consumption.

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